Australia Day, Anzac Day and Q50

We will be holding our usual major shoots as normal, being Australia Day, Anzac Day and the Q50. We kick off with Australia Day 2023 on Thursday the 26th of January. There are still a few spots available for registration in all classes but do not delay as these will fill up quickly.

Northern NSW IRB

On Sunday the 20th of August, 2023 we will be hosting a round of the Northern NSW IRB shoot. This is a competition held between members of shooting clubs in Manning Valley (Taree), Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Glen Innes. For more information or to register for the first round of the year at Coffs Harbour on the 12th of February go to or contact your Club Captain.

Target Rifle Australia Postal Competition

Many of us have registered to take part in the TRA/IRB postal competition for 2023. This will be held one Sunday per month at our club for those involved and is out of 750 (three cards). The first monthly instalment will be Sunday the 12th of February.

Club Championships

The Club Championships commences in January 2023 and is designed to be a friendly and inclusive event to provide members with a taste of competition at every calendared range open day. A single competition detail is run at approx. 9am for air rifle and 10am for rimfire, with the discipline changing each week (please see calendar).

Key Points:

  • Each NSBARC comp target will be $3 (inclusive of the target).
  • Rimfire Disciplines will be:
    • Heavy Varmint
    • International Sporter
    • Hunter (factory)
    • BR30 (50m)
  • Air Rifle Disciplines will be:
    • 25m Unlimited
    • 50m Unlimited
    • BR30 (25m) Unlimited
  • Scoring will be conducted by the Captain, Vice-Captain, President or Secretary.
  • All scores are recorded and can be tracked on the Results page.
  • A minimum of three competition cards must be shot to be in the running for Club Champion. Those that attend and shoot more often will have a greater chance of finding that “perfect day” and shooting a winning card
  • Medals will be awarded for Champion and runner-up in each class.

Presidents Cup

Now not everyone can be the Club Champion for the year so the Presidents Cup is a way to acknowledge those who turn up and keep plugging away (excuse the pun).

The Presidents Cup will run all year and will be decided on points gained for a range of activities. Just turning up and taking part in a 10am comp shoot will get you points, whether you win or not.

Key Points: 

  • President’s cup points will be awarded to all participants in the Club Championships, including those members competing at away matches. Points per card are awarded as follows:
  • Competition days: 150 points for 1st decreasing 10 points per place to min 10 points.
  • Weekends: 50 points for 1st, decreasing 5 points per place to min 5 points.
  • Wednesdays: 30 points for 1st, decreasing 5 points per place to min 5 points.
  • The President’s Cup will be a perpetual trophy displayed at and will reside within the club house.
  • Rimfire and Air Rifle will have a separate President’s cup.

Rimfire Disciplines and Rules

Heavy Varmint

  • Max weight 15 pounds / 6.803kg
  • Scope magnification – Unlimited
  • Barrel attachments permitted
  • Max stock width 3” / 76.2mm (flat or convex)

Light Varmint

  • Max weight 10.5 pounds / 4.762kg
  • Scope magnification – Unlimited
  • Barrel attachments permitted
  • Max stock width 3” / 76.2mm (flat or convex)

International Sporter (WRABF)

  • Max weight 8.5 pounds / 3.855kg
  • Scope magnification – Max 6.5x
  • No barrel attachments (tuners, weights, stabilisers)
  • Max stock width 2.25” / 57.15mm (flat or convex)

Hunter/Factory (Northern NSW)

  • Max weight 8.12 pounds / 3.968kg
  • Scope magnification – Unlimited
  • Barrel attachments NOT permitted (tuners, weights, stabilisers)
  • Max stock width 1.75” / 44.45mm (convex, a 10cent piece must not sit flat)

BR30 50m

  • No restriction on rifle
  • Rifle weight applies a % multiplier to final score. Lighter rifles give an advantage.
  • Follows “worst edge scoring” if shot breaks through the score line, lower score counts.
  • A magnified scoring gauge is used for “close” shots.

Air Rifle Disciplines and Rules

25 / 50m Unlimited

  • Rifles chambered for 0.177, 0.20 or 0.22 and of any power/velocity.
  • Max weight – unlimited
  • Scope magnification – unlimited
  • Any commonly available pellet or slug may be used
  • Bipods permissiblefor 50m only
  • Tethering is allowed for 50m only, permitted it can be done safely using a buddy bottle of max 3L (litres)

BR30 25m

  • No restriction on rifle
  • No weight penalties for Air Rifle. .177 will be scored as .177 and .22 will be scored as per .22
  • Follows “worst edge scoring” if shot breaks through the score line, lower score counts
  • A magnified scoring gauge is used for “close” shots.

Front and Rear Rest Rules

As per WRABF rules, summarised below.

  • Front Rest
    • A pliable bag containing sand
    • the fore end of the stock must form a 100% contact with the top of the sandbag
  • Rear Rests
    • A bag or series of bags containing sand.
    • Can incorporate a vertical spacer (donut), as long as it does not contain horizontal or vertical adjustments
  • One-piece rests are NOT permissible
  • Sandbags are to be made of leather or cloth (cordura) with a maximum material thickness of 3mm (about 0.12 in). Sandbags cannot be solid.
  • Anti-slip surfaces on the bags may be utilised
  • The rifle must lift cleanly from the front and rear rest. A rifle cannot be clamped to any rest.
  • *See Unlimited Air Rifle

Targets For Each Discipline

Rimfire HV, LV, International Sporter, Hunter/Factory, Air Rifle 50m

Air Rifle 25m

BR30 Rimfire and Air Rifle